About Us

Who are we

Founded in 2021, AnyCryptoStock is a company specializing in Crypto Stock, based on a platform that enables the purchase and sale of special ERC20 tokens that tokenize the shares of the largest listed financial giants.

AnyCryptoStock brings the world of stock markets into the blockchain space, like a bridge connecting two sectors that until now had only been viewed from afar. 

AnyCryptoStock is based in Panama (address: Parque Lefevre, Reparto Nuevo Panama, Calle Primera, #157).

Our Team

The founding team of AnyCryptoStock consists of early adopters of cryptocurrency and experienced stock market professionals who specialize in derivatives and commodities. This mix of enthusiasts is joined by blockchain experts. The result was a merger that focused on the technology and innovation necessary to combine finance and cryptocurrencies, with the aim of uniting these two worlds in a single body and bringing it to the most distant people. 

Our product

Our product is a decentralized cross-chain exchange, where shares of the largest listed giants can be purchased in the form of ERC20 tokens. 

The blockchain that underlies AnyCryptoStock guarantees extremely secure and fast transactions in a decentralized environment, with the same ease of use as a centralized exchange.

Why Trade With Us

No intermediaries

No intermediaries

On AnyCryptoStock there is no need for a broker in order to buy the shares of Tesla, Apple, Google and so on. Everything can be done directly via an account, in a simple and innovative way.



AnyCryptoStock is a decentralized exchange connected to the Byte-Trade blockchain that supports in/out trading. Transactions remain on the blockchain, i.e. a decentralized ledger, and there is no internal database that records users' transactions.

Your keys, your stock

Your keys, your stock

Create your wallet on AnyCryptoStock, we will not store any private keys, seeds, passwords or anything else used to access your digital wallet. As the only owner, only you are responsible for your wallet and its content.

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